Grand Duke Sergei Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia Cabinet Photo Children

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Fine imperial Russian antique cabinet photo by Moskovsky Photo of the youngest two boys of Tsar Alexander II, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia (May 11, 1857 - February 17, 1905) and his younger brother Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia ( 3 October 1860 N.S. - 30 January 1919 N.S.), photographed as children circa 1867 dressed in typical silk Russian tunics.

Grand Duke Sergei was an influential figure during the reigns of his brother Emperor Alexander III of Russia and his nephew Emperor Nicholas II, who was also his brother in law through Sergei's marriage to Elizabeth the sister of Tsarina Alexandra. Between 1891 and 1905, the Grand Duke Sergei served as Governor General of Moscow. A conservative even by contemporary standards, his policies made him a polarizing figure. Targeted by the SR Combat Organization, he was assassinated by a terrorist bomb at the Kremlin.

Grand Duke Paul's birth was commemorated by the naming of the city of Pavlodar in Kazakhstan. He entered the Russian Army and rose to the rank of General, but was known as a gentle person, religious and accessible to people. In August, 1918, he was arrested and taken to prison in St. Petersburg. His health, already bad, declined sharply, and his wife did all she could to have him released. Her efforts were useless: on 29 January 1919, Paul was moved to St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress, and in the first hours of the following day he was shot there, along with his cousins Grand Dukes Dimitry Konstantinovich, Nikolay Mikhailovich and Georgy Mikhailovich.

They were buried in a mass grave in the Fortress, the Bolsheviks having refused the distraught Princess Paley the right to bury her husband. His body and those of his three cousins were found in 2011.

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Product Code 5289